Saturday 4 June 2011

The blogging life.

Well, for those who don't know I had started writing my own blog app a while back, but those that know me would know I never seem to complete any of my own projects. I just always seem to get about 80% of the way there and then get hung up on the little imperfections of things that could be done better, and because it's my own project with no time constraints, I don't continue to the next part until it's perfect.

But then something else more important comes along, you know, like buying a house, and you're project gets left in this state that you just know it will never get finished.

Anyway, so having given up on that world, and knowing that google bought out blogger many moons ago, I figure it must be half decent so I'll give it a crack. I know wordpress is dogballs, was returning a 404, and joomla/drupal all require you run php/mysql on your own server. Of course a real hardcore blogger would have made his own design and just used the ever awesome CushyCMS but that's for the cool kids.

And so here we are. All blogger'd up. Anyway, just thought I had to get an intro blog post out there as jumping right into a proper topic wouldn't seem right.

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